Published Fiction


My first collection of short stories, The Woman Who Never Did.

Published October 2015. Available from Amazon.

Fifteen life-sized stories resized to fit your busy life.

Why is timid Connie so fired up tonight? Will Linda find her prince? What is going on in Room 516? Who is the Man in the Shadows?

Follow the circle of stories and find out what really happened to The Burning Girl.




What would you do with an extra day? This was the theme of The Evesham Festival of Words 2016 short story competition.

The Evesham Festival of Words Anthology 2016 features all the shortlisted stories in the adult and younger writers categories, including my story Cleo.

Published by Black Pear Press, July 2016. Available from Amazon.




Pow-Wow Book of Ghost Stories

The Pow-Wow Book of Ghost Stories contains some wonderful spookiness for those long dark Winter evenings – and my story The Doll’s House is in there too.

Published by Metal Flavour Chocolate, November 2014. Available from Amazon.






My short story Lulu’s London is published in Cityscapes, edited by Andrew Killeen.

Published by Pow-Wow Publishing, December 2012. Available from Amazon.




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