Busy Writing – Back Soon

What fabulous words to write after the turbulence of 2015 – even if it did end on a high.

snoopy writingAs per the heading, I’m busy writing. I’m starting off the year with a couple of warm up stories for upcoming festivals and competitions, then I will be diving into the next big thing – which is actually picking up a previous big thing that stalled a year or so ago. I’m trying to decide how best to approach the project. It’s too big for a short story, not big enough (I think) for a novel. So I’m not sure whether to try a novella or to write the strands as interlinked short stories. This is currently my preferred option, but it could easily change by the time I begin. I’ve got a bit of reading to do first – all that research I wrote about back in 2014 (read the blog here)

I also need to make time for some great literary festivals this year. I’ve been invited to join the Hawkesbury Upon Festival on 23rd April; my children’s writers group, StoryVine, will be providing storytelling and crafty fun at The Stratford Literary Festival on 28th April; and I’m looking forward to reading at the Evesham Festival of Words Open Mic on 2nd July. Plus, of course, there are lots of informative and inspiring talks and workshops to choose from – I don’t know how I’m going to find the time.

In the meantime, though, I’ve been pondering the problem of what to do when you simply can’t find the right word in your thesaurus. Thanks to the Evesham Festival and the Vale Magazine, the Heaps now have the answer … you just make up a new one!


What I’m leading up to is this: I may not have much time for my blog for the next few months – and that’s a good thing, really, because it means I’ll be working on stories.

Wish me luck – I’m busy writing!

To find out more about the festivals mentioned, please click on these links:

Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival

Stratford Literary Festival

Evesham Festival of Words



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