Out in the Big and (not so) Bad World


Yesterday I read my story Fab at 50 at the Asparwrite Open Mic in Evesham Library.

The event was organised by Lindsay Stanberry Flynn, a fine writer who’s featured on this website before. The emcee was the outgoing Worcestershire Poet Laureate, the hilarious (even if he did insult the Welsh!) Fergus McGonigal and he opened the session by introducing the new Laureate, Heather Wastie – she had us in stitches too with her wonderful weather poem, about the effect on her spirits of not so wonderful weather.

I was really nervous about reading my story – to tell the truth, on saturday morning I’d have liked to pull out. Because, although I regularly read at children’s events, it’s rather more intimidating reading to grown-ups – and grown-up writers at that!

I didn’t need to worry. I had a great time. All the other writers were so warm and welcoming and I was much too busy enjoying their work to let my nerves take over. When it came to my turn I felt I was among friends.

Many of the writers I heard yesterday have their own websites. So, if you’re looking for a good read, try some of these:

asparawrite - lindsay etc

Heather Wastie               Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn              Fergus McGonigal

               Bren Littlewood                 David Penny                      Tim Stavert                        Myfanwy Fox

Debbie Young                    Ellie Stevenson                  Polly Robinson

The following don’t have a website at the moment, but keep an eye out for them too: Leena Batchelor, Maureen Hall, Alan Durham, Beverley Drew and Suzanne Pullen.


4 thoughts on “Out in the Big and (not so) Bad World

  1. Gosh, you read with such assurance, I’d never have known you’d been nervous – and you had a great reception from the audience! Well done – and thanks very much for mentioning my website too, much appreciated! Hope to catch up with you again at another event before long!

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’m so pleased it came over well – the adrenaline spurred me on! I really enjoyed your library stories. Which of your books are they in? My mum was (and my sister is) a librarian and I think they’d love them too. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your work at future events.

  2. Well done Jenny. It’s not so bad in the big world especially since you clearly have the talent to be appreciated by your peers.

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